A Track and Field Tragedy and a Loss of a Bronze Medal is an Amazing Spectacle!!!

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In the women’s 10,000 metre final of the World Athletics Championships that took place on the 24th , a tragedy occurred in the final steps of the race which resulted in the loss of a Bronze Medal occurred right in front of our eyes!

Here is the final sprint to the finish line!


Then, the unexpected tragedy occurs at this moment….

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At the last minute, the American athlete, Molly Huddle narrowly misses the bronze medal when she pulls up just before the finish line and another runner sneaks in front of her.

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The consequences of a careless moment was so small but so huge for these athletes. The time difference between 3rd place and fourth was just .009 seconds (31: 43.49 – 31: 43.58)…

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Online Comments

・There is a time to rejoice a lot after the race.
・Frequently Asked thing. Game do not know until wear clogs.
・Complicated feelings between the American athletes.
・America wins third place, while America also suffers fourth place.
・A supportive conversation at a difficult time.
・Never let up until you hit the finish line.
・It was a painful blunder for her!


After the race, the athletes acknowledged each other’s good fight. They both did not give up until the end.

Molly-Huddle_Rsource: www.mirror.co.uk

source: www.youtube.com / www.mirror.co.uk