An Owner and His Special Cat Companion Express Their Eternal Love for Each Other!!!

fd0828010source: YouTube

Here are some adorable images of romantic love and affection by Fredrik Johansson and his favorite cat named “Ville”. Fredrik posted a number of videos on YouTube which have become very popular with online viewers everywhere.

Please enjoy these special moments between these two close friends and companions.

Here is “Ville” reaching out to Fredrik for a hug.
fd0828012source: YouTube

Then, a gentle kiss on the cheek from “Ville”
fd0828013source: YouTube

Fredrik responds with a light kiss of his own.
fd0828014source: YouTube

At long last they share a deep and romantic kiss on the lips. What a romantic moment!
fd0828015source: YouTube

This owner and his cat are deeply in love with each other.
fd0828016source: YouTube

Fredrik gently strokes his cat’s ears while looking deeply into Ville’s eyes. What an adorable couple! ♪
fd0828017source: YouTube

Their mutual affection for one another is clearly shown here.
fd0828018source: YouTube

Yet another romantic kiss between human and feline. ♪
fd0828019source: YouTube

Here is an image of “Ville” who looks completely content and satisfied! This cat is completely devoted to his owner Fredrik!
fd0828020source: YouTube

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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Fredrik and Ville make a perfect couple!