The Touching Story of British Tourist and a Stray Dog and Their Miracle Encounter!!

This woman and the dog in this photo had a miraculous encounter!
Georgia Bradley, a British student vacationing on the island of Crete was about to be assaulted by two men when a stray dog started barking and she was able to escape!

Bradley could not forget the bravery of the stray dog even after returning home so she returned to Crete two weeks later, found the dog and brought her back home to the UK.

She named the dog “Pepper”!


The beach where Pepper saved Georgia Bradley.


Soon after returning home, Bradley was shocked to discover that Pepper was pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies!


Georgia Bradley’s and Pepper’s special encounter made them friends for life!


This was a wonderful story of how these two creatures saved each other at different times and were able to get back together and share a hopeful and positive future.

source: huffingtonpost