An Amazing Video of a Boy Accidentally Damages Expensive Painting at Art Exhibition!!!

A serious incident occurred at an art exhibition opening in Taiwan! A special exhibition of 2 large paintings of more than 2 meters in size of the Italian painter Paolo Porpora was being displayed. The approximate market value of the 2 painting was about 1,5mln $. A potential tragedy was about to occur!

What was this Boy doing!

At the art exhibition, a 12-year-old boy was walking by one of the painting with his mother while listening to a guide describing the art works of the exhibition. Suddenly, the boy carelessly tripped and a disaster occurred at the next moment!!

There!! As the boy stumbles, his hands go forward and he makes contact with the surface of the painting. He has just poked some holes into the ¥200 million yen painting and damaged it.

You can feel that sense of disaster even in the video!

<See Video here>

Given the feelings at this moment of the boy, who must be in shock of what has just happened. It is an unfortunate accident with serious consequences…

Because the painting and the exhibition was insured for many potential incidents,  the damage to the painting by the boy was not a disaster and the boy’s family did not have pay a lot of money for their son’s actions. Overall, a serious incident involving expensive art and a moment’s carelessness by a young boy is a lesson to anyone to be aware at all times.

source: YouTube / Yahoo News