The “Virgin Rainbow” Opal is a Mesmerising and Precious Jewel from the Earth!!!

This Opal has been named the “Virgin Rainbow” since seven colours of this gem emits light can clearly be seen which is extremely rare and is scheduled to be published in the Museum of South Australia from September.

The “Virgin Rainbow” seems to have been discovered by opal miners in 2003 according to John Dunstan.  The value of this opal is believed that at least worth 500,000 British Pounds (about 90 Million Yen). This opal is not scheduled to be auctioned and will be exhibited in the museum which will be open to the public. It is something that I would like to see.
This beautiful mineral was created in nature, it is a natural wonder.
Why are people so attracted to precious stones? I guess there is a mysterious power that dwells inside a precious stone!

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