Watch a Cute Cat on Video Endure a “Ice Cream Headache”!!!


The phenomenon of a ” ice cream headache” is usually experienced by people who eat ice cream , frozen ice, a milkshake too quickly creating a short but severe headache! Quite a lot of people will experience this in the summer, but not only humans, a cat can also experience an “ice-cream headache” as by these photos and video below.

See a cat licking an ice-cream!


The cat clearly developed an “ice cream headache”.


This is the moment when the facial expression and body language of the cat is super cute!

See Video Here

Incidentally, here are the medical causes of the “ice-cream headache”.

· Temperature in the oral cavity is rapidly decreased when something cold has been consumed, the blood vessels leading to the head are inflated temporarily to increase the blood flow, thereby temporarily vessel causing a headache.
· By something cold passes through the throat, which triggers trigeminal nerve stimulation and a transmission signal sent to the brain is misunderstood causing the referred pain of a headache.

source: Wikipedia

It seems that these two causes create the “ice-cream headache”. I wonder if the cat has the same reaction as a person or does it feel the pain differently or in a different part of the body. Anyways, the cat’s agony create a wonderfully cute face!!


source: YouTube