The Japanese entertainment group “WHITE-A” is in the semi-finals in “Americas Got Talent”


The Japanese entertainment group “WHITE-A (SIRO-A in Japanese)” advanced to the semi-finals of the popular American audition program” Americans Got Talent (AGT) with a stunning dance performance and has created a lot of interest, buzz and discussion online.

Who is WHITE-A?


WHITE-A (SHRO-A) was formed in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and is famous for stunning dance performance tailored to the techno sound and video along with to the unusual appearance of the white-painted makeup and futuristic entertainment group.

This is the performance of WHITE-A!

fd0820019source: YouTube

WHITE-A, the entertainment group representing Japan was able to reach the semi finals of “Americas Got Talent” which is quite a notable achievement!

See a Wonderful Dance Performance Here

source: YouTube

I want to see the white A more!

Introducing the first round and second round in the Americans Got Talent for those who want more look at the performance of white A.

We were bathed in a large cheer performance unplugging the audience of de liver from the first round eyes! Video and dance spectacular matching is a must see!

See the First Round of Performances Here

source: YouTube

In the second round the judges wanted to let them continue the semi-finals.

See the Second Round of Performances Here

source: YouTube

I really admire their great dance performance! By all means, I want them in the semi-finals and also on winning in this fantastic competition!

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