“Earth Candy” and “Moon Candy” is Out of Space Beautiful Sweet Treats!!!

source: twitter.com

The motifs of the earth and the moon are the inspiration for “Earth Candy,” and “Moon Candy” which are beautiful space treats and a hot topic online!

Sendai City Observatory is the beautiful location where this unique candy is sold!

It is a romantic candy much too good to eat somehow! It is also ideal for souvenirs! By the way, the price is 200 yen each. (including tax).

source: www.dateniaitai.jp

There is a surprisingly strawberry taste!? In addition, these beautiful treats and other items are sold at the Sendai Astronomical Observatory so, please try to stop by and visit this location in beautiful Sendai!

source: www.igsta.Com

source: twitter.com / www.sendai-astro.jp / www.dateniaitai.jp