“Japan’s Best Night Views” that are both Inspiring and Beautiful!!!


Japan’s Three Best Night Views.

The most beautiful night view is the watch in Japan and Japan’s three major night views are.

First of all, in Hokkaido and the beautiful city lights and night view of Hakodate which fans out next to the sea on both sides!
fd0818002source: wikipedia.org

Second, in Hyogo Prefecture the night view seen from Mt. Maya Kikuboshi, the city lights of Kobe which is also referred to as $10 million dollar night view “.
fd0818003source: wikipedia.org

Third and last, in Nagasaki, the night view seen from Inasayama which showcases the city lights of Nagasaki that spreads out across the river.
fd0818001source: wikipedia.org

Which three great night views?


First of all, in Fukuoka Prefecture, the night view as seen from the Mount Sarakura is a stunning Kitakyushu night scene that is said to be a $10 billion of the night view is amazing.
fd0818004source: sugar-road.net

Next, in Nara Prefecture, the night view seen from Wakakusayama of the night view of the city of Nara arranged in a straight line “reminds me the figure of Heijokyo.
fd0818007source: osakanight.com

Finally, in Yamanashi Prefecture, the night view seen from the Fuefukigawa Fruit Park of the city lights and the round greenhouse dome within the park is a beautiful scene. 
fd0818005source: pwbjr910

By the way, the author selected the night view in Kanagawa Prefecture of the Odawara night view from the Yabitsu Pass is number one.
fd0818008source: midnight

This winter or spring, please try to soak in the romantic mood by enjoying the night view.

source: japan’s three major night view / shin nihon & co., the three major night view