Deer on the Railway Tracks is a Cute but Unsafe Scenario for a Commuter Train!?!


“When there are deer, the railway doesn’t move” one of the images (along with this comment) that have been posted on Twitter has become a hot topic! “Does not advance railway Sanriku been There are deer”


The four heads of deer appeared on the line of Sanriku railway on the way to the final destination of Kamaishi Station. The appearance of the deer will somehow be heartwarming!

That photo of the deer in line is reminiscent of the scenes of the movie “Stand By Me”.

A Deer version of “Stand By Me”! ? In “Stand By Me”, there is the image of four boys who walk on the train line.


This photo is not from the actual movie scenes and are for reference only image.

By the way, the train is slowing down, while sounding the horn operation. Upon arrival at the Kamaishi Station, 4 deer moved off the track and into a safe area so there was no danger of an accident. is like went away to the outside of the line, in particular that of the accident was not. The train car seems to have been moving carefully from the beginning to achieve a peaceful atmosphere!