An Adorable Escalator Angel Eagerly Waves to Onlookers and Makes Everyone Smile!!!


Here is a young girl at a shopping mall who is standing next to an escalator and proceeds to wave to everyone who passes her while using the escalator. Everyone waves and smiles to the young girl as they pass by. This adorable angel that lifts people’s spirits has become a hot topic online with many viewers from around the world.

Here is the girl waving goodbye through the escalator glass as people go down. Even though these strangers do not who she is, she elicits smiles and waves back to her.


Some people do not respond to her gesture and she looks back to the camera with a look of disappointment.

After that, she decides to keep waving continuously to everyone who passes and many people choose to smile and wave back.

This young girl is an Escalator Angel!

It is so heartwarming to see this girl attempting to be friendly and compassionate to people!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: Youtube