Happy and Hungry Puppies Attack Their Mom with Humorous Results!!


A mother dog must be aware of her environment when she is playing with her puppies.

Please take a look at this video where her puppies turn the tables on Mom with a spirited attack that is both play and a search for food!

The joyful interaction between Mom and her pups is simply wonderful to watch so please enjoy seeing how they play and enjoy each others company♪

Mom tries sitting still at first then suddenly changing tactics to try to please her happy children!



Mom tries rolling away to escape her puppies search for food!


Her puppies now attack Mom all at once and they are happily playing the game that she had started. Both Mom and her kids seem to enjoy the rough and tumble play.

I am certain that these puppies will continue to show heartfelt affection to their Mom as they grow older♪

See Video Here

source: Youtube