Can Coffee Personality Analysis Cab Reveal Your True Character!!!

Do you like coffee? Lots of people drink coffee but do your favourite choice of drinking coffee is related to your personality? This coffee personality diagnosis was developed by American psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula who completed an investigation into 1,000 coffee drinkers along with the diagnostic results broken down into specific groups. source: YouTube

Black Coffee Faction.

Personality: old-fashioned, conservative, pure

Pros: patient, strong, and efficient

Cons: self-righteous, blunt and moody

It is the image of a cultured and cool gentleman.

Latte System Faction.

Personality: Open minded, friendly, optimistic

Pros: helpful, kind, generous, leisurely

Cons: talkative, nosy and arrogent

It is the image of a happy and popular person.

Frappuccino System Faction.

Personality: lowbrow, bold, open-minded

Pros: imaginative, childlike and trusting

Cons: Trendy, superficial and inconsiderate.

It is the image of an idealistic, immature love child.

Decaffeinated Coffee Faction.

Personality: perfectionism, obsession, geeky

Pros: sensitive, shy and healthy

Cons: paranoid, proud and misunderstood

It is the image of a committed and self-conscious health nerd.

Instant Coffee Faction.

Personality: casual, relaxed, unconventional

Pros: self-assured, grounded and confident

Cons: lazy, disorganized and sloppy

It is the image of a careless and indecisive dude.

What did you think? Don’t you think that a 1,000 survey sample is too small to accurate? And, what if you drink coffee in different ways, can that be evaluated? Are more groups necessary? Nonetheless, it was an interesting article!

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