A Clever Cat Showcases Exceptional Intellectual Ability to Acquire Snack Rewards!!!

This Cat is named “Monkey” and he has developed some special skills that allows him to acquire snack using the device which is in his mouth.

The device is called Homebrew and it is a semi-automatic feeder! If you put the ball in the blue part, the sensor reacts and food comes out automatically!



Monkey’s unique skill-set is that he is use this ball device to operate the “Homebrew feeder” and get as many snacks as he wants. Here is Monkey using the feeder system to activate the release of the snacks above.

His amazing skill is being able to find the ball device needed to operate the feeder. Monkey’s owner has hidden all over his residence but Monkey has somehow been able to locate it every single time!!

Monkey searching for the ball device which activates the feeder.


He finds the ball device somehow in this secret location selected by his owner!


Now, let’s go to the device.


The feeder releases the snacks and Monkey can enjoy his reward for finding the ball device!


Seeing how Monkey finds the ball device is adorable and clever!!

See Video Here

Both Monkey and his owner showcase their intellectual abilities in different ways which is entertaining to see!

source: boredpanda / YouTube

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