Raccoon Milky Mischief is Caught on Video!!!


For the love of milk, 3 baby raccoons are desperate to drink the bowl of milk and when one of them decides to dive in and drink as much as possible, it produces a wonderfully cute image!

First, the video begins with a raccoon drinking milk. Then, as the video continues, something surprising happens!!!


Diving in to Drink! A baby Raccoon submerges his/her face in the bowl of milk!!

Are you okay? You really need to catch your breath, I think!?

It is almost too painful to watch…

I really need to catch my breath!

Only Two of Us Can Drink at the same time! Three is definitely a Crowd!


This fellow is so focused on drinking his fill that he may never come up for air…

Baby Raccoons in a Milky Way! Please watch the video below!

See Video Here

What did you think? It was a delight to see those cute baby raccoons voraciously drink up that milk in record time! Especially, the image of the baby raccoon coming up for air after submerging his face in the bowl of milk was super cute!

source: youtube