A Baby Kangaroo Orphan Finds a Favourite Friend in a Teddy Bear!!!

fd0807007source: boredpanda.com

A cute baby kangaroo hugging a teddy bear has now become a hot topic online all over the world.

This image was initially posted on Twitter by Tim Beshar and I think this adorable combination of a baby animal holding a teddy bear is both a wonderful and poignant image that anyone can relate to. However, this kangaroo baby is not just cute.

This image was posted online on behalf of the conservation of wild animals, according to Tim’s mother, this baby kangaroo had been separated from its mother.

As the isolated and lonely kangaroo baby waited to be reunited with Mom, a teddy bear attached to a wire was moved close enough so that the kangaroo started to embrace the stuffed animal clearly showing its emotional state.

A tender and touching image was created as a result.

Baby Kangaroo firmly embracing a Teddy Bear

fd0807008source: boredpanda.com

I thought the kangaroo was just holding on to the teddy bear naturally until I looked more closely and saw the wire. I hope it was reunited with its mother for a happy ending.

source: twitter.com / twitter.com / boredpanda.com