The Distinctive Face and Profile of the Harpy Eagle is Famous and Amazing!!!


The name of this bird Harpy Eagle. I think you have a pretty face. However, in the face when viewed from the side there is a gap, such as tempted doubt as “No really the same bird!?”.


But it is a tremendous gap! ? Somehow profile is cool rather than cute! It is.

In the most heavily among the birds fly, three times the grip adult male

Harpy Eagle is a bird that is distributed from Mexico through northern Argentina, rare species that remaining number is said to be about 300 birds (estimated). Also addition there is a gap in front of the face and profile, there are features such as fan-shaped crown feathers’re about head. Fly It is said that there is the most weight in the bird, male (about total length 90cm) 5 ~ 6kg, female 7 ~ 9kg (about total length 1m) is also so certain.

By the way, it seems to be the foot of the Harpy Eagle there is a grip that is all three times the adult male.


It will jump in the large body.


Harpy Eagle as “Panama national bird”, has been drawn to the country chapter (top).


Take a look at the entire body from the front again and …

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Rather than look from the side, I feel that looks plump. Not only the face, such as different in the horizontal and before the impression of the whole body …. The real Harpy Eagle with such a gap, I now want to take a look at once!

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