A New species “African Golden Wolf” is found for the first time in 150 years!!!

fd0806002Source: Theweeklyobserver.Com

On July 30, 2015, a new species were found in the dog genus for the first time in 150 years was announced by the American journal “Current Biology”. The Golden Jackal was found to have two different types with the new variant to be called the African Golden Wolf.

The African Golden Wolf!

fd0806003source: nikkeibp.co.jp

This newly discovered species has been named the African Golden Wolf and is part of the family that produced the wolf, coyote, the dog and the jackal.

Why you did know?

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The African Golden Wolf and the Golden Jackal as in the photo does not appear so different in appearance very but there is a difference between them as a result of a detailed DNA testing, it seems to have found to have come a separate evolution. a slightly different skull shape and different eyes seem to be different.

source: nikkeibp.co.p