Young Batman Rescues a Baby from a Car and Becomes a Hero!!!


A 5-year-old Batman was successful in the rescue of a 1-year-old baby girl trapped in a car! It has become a hot topic in Western media and with viewers online all over the world.

Baby Iris was locked inside the car by Accident!

Zavui’s family and Baby Iris’s family both arrived by car at the supermarket. However, while Baby Iris’s mother was preparing a stroller, she accidentally activated the locking system of her car leaving Baby Iris trapped in the car! The police were called in to rescue the baby.


Batman! We need your help!

Police attempted to rescue Baby Iris by breaking the rear window but it was still too small for an adult to fit inside.

5-year-old Batman Rescue Drama

So, the 5-year-old Batman was asked by the Police to crawl inside the car and open the door to rescue Baby Iris!


Zavui got the key after carefully entering the locked car! Baby Iris was rescued by the 5-year-old Batman and it was amazing! Indeed he really was a super hero on that day!

Zavui seems to have been saying.

I am always in the mood to be a superhero, I was special today!

It was really good to rescue the baby from the locked car! Thank you Batman!

By the way, Zavui’s brother wore a Superman costume.