Does Your Unconscious Sleeping Position Reveal Your Relationship Intimacy??


There are many relationship diagnostic methods but  “to clarify the relationship intimacy with your lover” please consider the “Unconscious Sleeping Position Diagnosis”. When we are awake we all will work on a variety of consciousness, but when you are unconscious … That’s when you’re sleeping position may reveal your relationship’s true condition.

To improve your understanding, you should become more familiar with the standard sleeping positions as shown below.


1. Embracing from behind is a sexually intimate sleeping position, we have to trust the other partner.…

This sleeping position indicates the feeling that you want to protect your lover with a sexually intimate relationship and future trust.


2. Face from behind at a distance sleeping position means that the relationship is stable, with less sexual implications.

This sleeping position indicates couples who have been dating longer and has moved to a stable position with less sexual connotations.


3. Go to Hug … either are seeking the other partner.

This sleeping position indicates that there is an urge to hug your partner or seek deeper sexual intimacy or emotional depth.


4. Intertwined … sexual implications are particularly strong.

This sleeping position indicates a mutual relationship that is strong, stable with intimate with strong sexual implications.


5. After intertwined both each sleep apart slowly … a sense of intimacy and independence

This sleeping position has both both the intimacy and independence of each other’s relationship, it seems to be the most ideal sleeping position.


6. Sleep and facing opposite each other … feeling a sense of security toward each other

This sleeping position indicates that there is a sense of security in the relationship of each other that is self-supporting with each other while maintaining a good sense of distance.


7. Sleeping opposite each other … a relatively new couple in the opposite direction while petting his back

This sleeping position indicates that the relationship that is relaxed with one another and is often seen in a couple together for less than one year.


8. Leaving your head on the other partner’s chest … the feeling of love is strong

This sleeping position indicates a strong love of your partner and occurs just after dating has started or in a couple whose mutual love was rekindled.


9. Holding close together without balance  … partners are not satisfied in some way

This sleeping position indicates that there is a level of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with your partner over sexual aspects or emotional aspects.


10. One is there in occupation … one dominant and selfish partner expands the limbs

This sleeping position indicates that one partner with higher there confidence sleep on the upper side of the bed while the other has a lower self-esteem level and sleeps on the lower side of the bed.


Did this analysis help you to more accurately define your relationship with your partner!?


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