Sheepdogs Enjoying Themselves During a Break from Chasing Sheep!!!

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Here are five Border Collie Sheepdogs who are relaxing and killing time from chasing sheep! The Border Collie breed is famous for its intelligence and you will be able to see this firsthand in the following video!

One of sheepdogs is sneaking up on its tiptoes.
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Now, two of them are slowly moving with stealth and silence towards their intended target!
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What are these sneaky dogs trying to do?
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Look at how carefully they move (and stop as if frozen) as they prepare a surprise attack on their unsuspecting victim!
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Suddenly, the other dogs notice their attacker and cheerfully chase after them. The surprise attack has been foiled!!

“Good Fun among Good Friends”

Having some fun with each other in a positive way is wonderful to see from these hard working sheepdogs who are also good friends.

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People should follow this behavior in their working relationships!

Source: YouTube