A Young Hi-Speed Cart Driver’s Parking Skills are both Amazing and Dangerous!!!


Driving a cart at breakneck speed BACKWARDS into a narrow parking space inside a meticulous garage looks dangerous and high risk which resulted in this video becoming a viral hit online and a topic of discussion for many viewers online.

Turning a corner, the cart comes speeding toward the garage. Huh? It looks there is no way the driver can stop in time!

While maintaining speed, a controlled spin and hard braking results in a safe stop! Very impressive!!


Parking safely inside the garage is completed…!


And down from the cart, boy while drifted atmosphere of margin exiting the garage ….


The ability to park such a vehicle in a small space in a garage is both remarkable and very dangerous. Perhaps, this young driver has a future in F1 or NASCAR? Please take a look at this video and marvel at the amazing driving technique.

See Video Here


source: YouTube

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