A Cloud Gap is a Beautiful and Mysterious Phenomena Captured in Photos!!!

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A “Cloud Gap” is a beautiful, mysterious and natural phenomena. Introducing some gorgeous images that captures the mysterious phenomenon.
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It has a different type of beauty with the light of Dusk.

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The Cloud Gap with a dazzling rainbow pattern.

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The Cloud Gap looks like a Punch through the Sky!?!

It is a strange and unusual sight. Why does such a phenomenon occur?
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If you look at the cloud, there is a round hole or gap with a fan shaped cloud expanding into the round hole. This phenomenon is caused by a combination of evaporating water droplets and differences in saturated vapour pressure creates a gap or hole in the clouds.

This rare phenomenon is not seen often and should be appreciated for its rare and unique beauty. Whenever you have see a “Cloud Gap”, it will remind you of the mysterious beauty of nature!


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