“Now is My Turn.” An Episode of Kindness on a Crowded Train Inspires Kindness Among Strangers!!!

An Episode of kindness on one of the public commuter trains in Japan has garnered a lot of buzz on Twitter! 
On a very crowded train, a young, pregnant woman was surprisingly offered a seat by a high school student. This act of kindness and generosity inspired an unofficial movement among other young people and students to do the same if the situation arose. It was called “Sister Deployment” on Twitter.

This is the tweet.

It is a heart-warming story. The boy became a high school student and noticed an older sister of that time! It was at that time, a very happy experience!

I’d like talk of movies and cartoons and a really nice episode that you should consider watching!

“Mercy is not for the People .”

(“Mercy is not just for one man (person) , it is for all men (people)…


source: Twitter