Realistic Human Statues are Unbelievable Works of Art!!!


An image of a young boy and a woman who are facing here. And the boy is painted white all over his body. Does he look real? What about the woman? They are actually wooden statues created an artistic genius!

Who is the Creator of these Statues?

Introducing the Italian artist, Bruno Walpoth who has crafted these statues from wood using a hand chisel only. No machine technology has been used. Fantastic!


Life will Continue to Dwell on Wooden Figures.

From such a basic state of wood, it comes alive as part of the movie set on this Jackie Chan’s martial arts movie called “Ki-jin fist”

We will gradually start to see the identity coming through.

A little, what appears to face came out!

great! I’m getting enough to see that another look.

I think that it is understood If we are comparing with the previous image, but more human element has been added into the wood by the hand of the artist.


And now, it is finally finished! 

Realistic Human Forms are Created.

Or Will This is the image of a brother? Looking behind the child is realistic.

The strong emotion from the female face is so realistic! 

If you see this at midnight, you may think it is a real person which is very scary. 

Even if you know that these are wooden statues, it is a wonder that they appear to be almost human to the casual eye.