8 minutes in a Hot Vehicle in Summer can even impact a Professional Football Player Not Just Your Pet!!!

Leaving a pet in a hot vehicle in summer is widely known to be dangerous but how dangerous is it for a human in the same situation?
Tairan Matthew of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals of the NFL has agreed to try to withstand the heat in a non-air conditioned car on a summer’s day with a temperature of 32 degrees centigrade in the experiment!
Tairan Matthew gets into the car, it is already likely too hot to handle!
After only 2 minutes, the temperature inside the vehicle has risen to 36 degrees centigrade!
It continues to rise to 40.5 degrees after just 4 minutes in the car!
After 6 minutes, it reaches 45 degrees centigrade! Tairan is beginning to show the strain!
When the temperature after 8 minutes increases to about 49 degrees centigrade, Tairan agrees to put his health first and gives up.
An extremely fit NFL football player has been beaten by the summer heat.

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Never leave a pet in such a car in the summer heat!

source: YouTube