The Miraculous Rescue of Two Dogs Destined to Die Together is a Transendent Adventure!!!

This embrace of two dogs who are both waiting to die in an animal shelter without a chance of rescue is such a sad and  unforgettable expression of kindness that you staring at here eyes ask for help to someone. The two dogs are named Carla and Kyra, and they are victims of having no home, no owners and no future. The non-profit organization (NPO) Angels Among Us Pet Rescue ” posted this phoedcarto on their Facebook page, urgently asking the public that a miracle was needed and these pups needed foster parents ASAP!

At the time of posting . Here is Carla and Kyra looking scared and helpless,” A miracle occurred only 2 hours 6 minutes after this post! !

ah_dog1rSource: Http://Nlab.Itmedia.Co.Jp/nl/articles/1507/22/news111.Html

Then, a miracle from out of the blue, a foster parent for both puppies appeared! Wow! This man pictured below became a foster parent for both Kyra and Carla just one day before their lives were to end! Two dogs became good friends in their darkest hour will be together forever!

The two animals photos from the shelter side to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue side is completely different! it seems to be the thing that was passed in search of rescue.

I want these two animals to have happy lives!

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