5 Top Topics of Terminal Patients Who Have Regrets According to Their Caregiving Nurses?!?


Many nurses are in conversation with terminally ill patients and have many opportunities to hear the story about the “regrets in life”. The book called “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying” published by Web Media Collective Evolution lists the following topics.

1. Unable to Meet Their Own Expectations.

Even if there is a variety of dreams that did not come true, most people end up realizing that it was up to them for the lack of accomplishments.

2. Too Much Work and Not Enough Time with Family and Loved Ones.

Many men continue to work as the workhorse that has supported the home but they regret that not enough time was spent when their children were younger.

3. Not Expressing Their True Feelings in Relationships.

In order to keep the harmony of the relationship with the surrounding people, many people become sick hoarding the stress of human relations seem very large and a lack of honesty carries waste of time and human relations.

4. Communicating with Friends More.

That’s right from the people who realized the time of death comes out the word “I should get in touch with more friends.” It will good is that the relationship with all friends continues for a long period of time.

5. Individual Pursuit of Happiness Should be a Higher Priority.

Until just before people die is that “happiness” was originally a choice. Later, people become timid to change and individual choice becomes a lower priority over time in peoples lives.

Health is considered an afterthought for most people until its too late. As a mental attitude on in to live, there was a few things that again would be so important.

source: www.collective-evolution.com