Doing Sit-ups in a Chair is a Fantastic Way of Keeping in Shape and Maintaining Your Healt

Abdominal muscle training while sitting down in a chair is possible if you follow these steps and techniques highlighted in this article.

How to train the upper part of the abdominal muscles

Sit in a chair, and then push it down to the front to bend the body.

Focus on squeezing the abdominal muscles but do not bend forward with your back bent! You will feel your ab muscles contract and repeat 10 to 20 times.

Next, how to train the lower part of the abdominal muscles

Sitting in a chair, raise your knees while holding the armrests of the chair as shown in this photo.

When you raise your knees, do not lean back in the chair!

Raise your knees when sitting up straight in the chair!

You might also want to check the video!

See Video Here

Sit-ups that can be done easily, please follow the guidelines carefully!

source: YouTube