What Would You Do If Someone Near You Starts to Experience a Heart Attack???

If a heart attack is noticed at an early stage, immediate treatment would be required and an ambulance should be contacted ASAP! First of all, you do not go and do not care for the person who is having an attack!

In this video, there are some people who are HAVING a heart attack. Should you attempt to care for them?
Everyone appears to be in a great deal of pain!

Who is really having a cardiac arrest?

The answer is shown in the video.

See Video Here

Would you attempt any care for anyone in the video? What type of treatment would you attempt?

You wouldn’t attempt any treatment.

No way, you would stay behind and not get involved at all.
fd300005rSince there was an actual heart attack occurs in the video, it is a good idea to seek out medical assistance for the person in distress. Contacting emergency services or the police is a responsible action in such a situation.

Using your judgement but assisting someone who needs medical attention is a public service that needs to be acted upon!

source: YouTube