An Explosive University Chemistry Class Generates a Big Online Reaction All Over the World!!!


In a university chemistry class, a standard experiment appears to go terribly wrong and results in a dangerous explosion  and a great surprise to the students attending this lecture as well as a viral topic online with many people everywhere.

The first experiment starts like this.


After a few seconds …

Perhaps, you have seen these similar experiments when you were in school.

This stage of the experiment features vivid flames of many different colours on display.

In between experiments, the voices and laughter of the students can be heard. It looks like this experiment will be a lot of fun.

And, the professor slowly adds fire into the white solid material.

Then ….

There is a huge explosion along with a white flash and a fierce roar!!! White smoke fills the classroom … laughter is mixed with the sounds of surprise from the students. Such an intense experiment indoors is quite amazing to see!?

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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