A Transportation Innovation from Japan is a Bicycle/Stroller Combination that is sure to be a Hit!!!


A new and unique transportation vehicle innovation that can also be used as a “bicycle” or a “stroller” and is a very popular topic for online viewers in Japan, Europe and the USA!


Based on a low center of gravity and three wheels, this bicycle/stroller is perfect for mothers and young children! In addition, Rakuchin (the Japanese maker of the vehicle) has made it adjustable so that bicycle can be easily folded into a stroller when shopping outside or at a shopping mall.


There is also this function.

In the case of carrying a small child, the bicycle/stroller can be adjusted to a face-to-face version as shown below. The (optional) baby seat is also available.

A second seat (optional) is also available if you have two children.

These Taga bike products tagabikes.com were developed in Japan and can be purchased at this link online. verde-kids.jp

For shopping and movement of small children, these are fantastic innovations in child care transportation.

See Video Here

source: YouTube
source: www.tagabikes.com