An Amazing Statistic that the Body Fat Percentage of a Female Model is the Same as an Adult Pig???


The body fat percentage of an adult pig is about 15 percent which is comparable to the body fat percentage of a female model. Are you surprised by this data? I think many people would be shocked to find this out.


A Pig does not have a high body fat percentage (Only 14 to 18 percent). It’s similar in fat percentage to a model’s body (laughs) # will Tsubuyakou that beneficial

Comparison of Body Fat Percentage.

A domestically bred pig’s body fat percentage from 14 to about 18% (the wild pig has been about 13%). By the way, the standard body fat percentage of humans is about 11-21%, about 21-34% in the case of adult women (18 years of age to 39 years of age) and of adult men (18 to 39 years).

Here is a comparison of body fat percentages shown in the table below…


The average body fat percentage in the case of a female fitness or swimsuit model is about 15 to 17% similar to the average fat percentage of a domestically bred adult pig.

The appearance of a pig is deceiving. it’s mostly muscle but looks fat!?

source: wikipedia