Progressing Puppies Powering Around Corners on their way to Dinner is a Cute Evolution!!!



Here is a wonderful video watching the gradual evolution of two puppies going around the same corner as they race to eat their dinner. This has become a viral topic with many dog and animal lovers online!

The dog owner puts out dinner for the two small dogs.

Two small puppies make a mad dash to eat their food! However, one of them slips and slides after being unable to go around the corner. Looks quite painful!

After a few more weeks and the camera shooting at the same position. Both pups have improved their braking ability in that corner!

A few more weeks of growth. The lens of the camera has become much smaller in order to catch the bigger puppies turning the corner with greater stability than before!

It is amazing to see the gradual progression of these growing puppies adjusting to the same corner as they grow and change. A fantastic demonstration of time lapse!

See Video Here

source: YouTube