An “Insane” Marketing Campaign by Burger King Created Black and Red Coloured Hamburgers that Grabs Your Attention!!!


Burger King Japan has launched its annual “insane” “AKA Burger” and “KURO Burger” series with a combination of vibrant colours and intense flavours.

The “AKA Burger” Series.

From July 3rd the “AKA SAMURAI (Red Warriors) Burger Series will go sale featuring 2 types of burgers which has red buns and cheese, a grilled chicken breast and charcoal broiled burger, spicy red sauce, onion, tomato and lettuce at a price of ¥540 yen and ¥690 yen in Burger King Japan restaurants.


Gorgeous red buns and red cheese, a spicy red sauce and tomato with a grilled chicken breast on lettuce!

AKA SAMURAI BEEF (Red Warriors).

A spicy red sauce, red cheese and onion top a charcoal broiled burger and amazing red buns!

The “KURO Burger” Series.

From August 21st, the “KURO SHOGUN (Black Generals) Burger Series will go on sale featuring 2 types of burgers which feature black buns and cheese, charcoal broiled burger, hash brown potato and rick black squid ink sauce at a price of ¥590 yen and ¥690 yen in Burger King Japan restaurants.

KURO TAISHO (Black Generals).

This visual impact of the black buns and black cheese is really amazing!

KURO SHOGUN (Black Generals).

The rich black squid ink sauce and grilled eggplants is a really tasty and flavourful combination.
Burger King’s “AKA Burger” and “KURO Burger” series is on sale for a limited time so please try these with the amazing visual impact! I wonder if these will taste as good as they look?