9 Personality Types that can be Derived by the Shape of your Fingernail!!

source:  higherperspectives.com

The shape of a person’s fingernails are seemingly the same but are slightly different in each person. These 9 nail shapes correspond to 9 different personality types so please refer to the diagnostic results of each personality type.

The chart below highlights the 9 distinct nail shapes and associated personality types are shown below. 



1) Vertical Oblong Shaped Nails: A Creative and Sensitive Personality Type

This personality is imaginative and creative showing a developed right brain but with a tendency to be a perfectionist and is sometimes overwhelmed by his/her environment.

2) Oblong Shaped Nails: An Impatient Personality Type

This personality has a developed left brain is developed that is impatient and is focused on themselves with little empathy for others.

3) or 4) Round or Egg-Shaped Nails: A Passive and Peaceful Personality Type

This personality is passive and prefers to avoid confrontation and is easygoing, friendly and is generally well liked by others.

5) Square Shaped Nails: A h4, Patient and Serious Personality Type

This personality is, patient and serious (Especially in Men) but has a tendency to be inflexible and stubborn when dealing with others.

6) or 7) Triangle or Inverted Triangle Shaped Nails: A Delicate Genius Personality Type

This personality has the ability to produce and communicate innovative ideas (genius) but with a tendency to become frustrated with details at times. A reverse triangle shape personality is able to convey ideas clearly with a h4 sense of conviction and strength.

8) Almond Shaped Nails: A Sincere and Gentle Personality Type

This personality is sincere and courteous but with a tendency to get frustrated and impatient when things do not go their way.

9) Sword-Shaped Nails: An Ambitious and Hard-working Personality Type

This personality is ambitious, and has a h4 determination to achieve their goals but has a tendency to not interact smoothly in teams or groups at times.

What did you learn about your personality and the shape of your fingernail? Is it an accurate description for you? Please try this interesting diagnostic with your family, friends and colleagues!

source:  higherperspectives.com