Mischievous Dogs Seeking Mercy from Their Masters are Adorable to Behold!!!


Sometimes man’s best friends can get into a lot of mischief and mayhem when their master is away. When the guilty pets are confronted with their crimes their look of remorse and contrition is simply too cute to dismiss!

Please take a look at these delightful dogs pleading for mercy to their owners in the video and images below.

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Online Comments

・The very first I had to laugh at the dog since he was so cute.
・Those animal eyes are so cute.
・This dog seems almost melancholy.


The guilty pet slowly comes out to face his master.

This pooch has rolled over and has given up to the mercy of his master.

A dog extends his paw in a gesture of forgiveness.

This pooch walks slowly toward his master with his head bowed low in shame.

A guilty grin and sad eyes is a difficult combination to reject.

This guilty dog looks like he is about to cry!

This dog has closed his eyes in shame just like a human.

Would you forgive this face?

This dog lies on his back and looks up to his master with pleading eyes.