A Fallen Duck is a False Alarm and is Actually Fast Asleep in this Humorous Video!!!


In the Morioka Animal Park in Akita Prefecture in Japan, a crowd of onlookers reported that one of the ducks appeared to have collapsed and was in distress. As staff rushed to the scene, they discovered that the duck was actually sound asleep as shown in the photo! This image became a viral sensation on Twitter!

Other sleeping animals at the zoo.

Red kangaroos are also sleeping.


A sleeping duck looks terribly pleasant and enviable.


On a warm afternoon, even the pony is sleeping soundly as the audience shares a laugh as they watch the sleeping animals at the park.


What happens to the sleeping animals? When there is an animal emergency like the duck, do you let them keep sleeping? Please take care. 


The above tweets from the Morioka City Animal Park conveyed the charm and lovable personalities of its animals that could never be witnessed in the wild.

source: huffingtonpost.jp
source: morioka city animal park twitter