Here is the Richest Man in History with a Net Worth of Almost USD 4 Trillion Dollars!!!


According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gate (USD 62.3 Billion Dollars) and Warren Buffett (USD 49.8 Billion Dollars) are two of the wealthiest billionaires in the world on a yearly basis when it conducts an annual survey which is published on annual basis.

However, the richest man in history was an African ruler named ” Mansa Musa” who lived during the 14th century. His assets were recorded be an amazing USD 4 Trillion Dollars! Please read about his remarkable story and he amassed such a huge fortune in the Fundo article below.

Who is Mansa Musa?


・A Ruler of the Mali Empire of West Africa in the 14th Century. At that time, it was the most prosperous dynasty in the world. He died after ruling for 25 years in 1337.

・He was considered “the most powerful, the richest, the most fortunate, the most feared by his enemies, and the ruler with the most good deeds”.

・The Mali Empire was located on the Mandinka plateau in Western Africa and was a major center of the Islamic faith for religious pilgrimages.


His Total Assets was USD 4 Trillion Dollars.


・Almost 50% of the world’s gold was produced in the Mali Empire and it was a regional center of trade and commerce with North Africa.

・Thousands of the Islamic faithful would travel from the Mali Empire to Mecca on an annual pilgrimage and would pay large amounts of money to “Mansa Musa” to receive his approval to travel through his lands.

・During his 25-year rule, the price of gold underwent 12 continuous years of inflated prices in other Islamic countries which dramatically increased the overall worth of “Mansa Musa’s” fortune.


The magnitude of this African ruler’s wealth is unprecedented when compared with the state of affairs in today’s world. It is interesting to note that inflation had such a significant impact on the economies of African countries just as it does on today’s global economy.

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source: celebritynetworth