Aggressive T-Shirt Communication is the Idea of a Father Trying to Protect His Young Daughter!!!


A father who was worried about his daughter’s safety, came up with the innovative idea of creating a specially designed t-shirt with his photo on the front. His brainstorm was posted on the discussion website Reddit and became a huge talking point with overseas viewers. Here is the website link if you would like to see more details.  Reddit 

Here is a photo of the t-shirt, the father and his daughter.


A simple but direct messge of “Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!” (Please stay away daughter strange men, this is my strong and tough father!) along with a photo of himself in a muscular pose. It could have a significant impact on people if they look closely, don’t you think?

Positive and Negative Comments from Online Viewers.

・Is this a joke or is he really trying to intimidate boys from talking to her?
・Will not stop anyone in my opinion. Including my friends.
・Why does the daughter look so unhappy?
・I know that the father is concerned about his daughter’s safety. Probably too much?

Even so, the daughter’s facial expression does not look happy at all with this type of aggressive communication. There is a strong possibility that this type of negative messaging could have consequences for his daughter at school or with her friends. I hope nothing bad occurs because of this action to both the parent and his child.

source: Reddit