A Mini Horse is a Lovely Animal and an Adorable Pet to See and Enjoy!!!


When you imagine a horse, the image is of a large animal. However, did you know that there are many types of horses and one of them is a mini horse as shown in the above photo. They are simply adorable and in the right situation can be a wonderfully cute pet.

Please enjoy looking at the following cute photos of a mini horse!

What a cute face.


This horse is small enough to fit inside your car.


What a beautiful animal!


An adorable kiss from horse to human!


Sleeping on his owner’s lap.


This mini horse almost looks like a stuffed toy. And, it is almost the same size as this teddy bear.


Two adorable babies having a nap.


A big horse, a mini horse and a little boy enjoy a friendly moment.


What a cute photo!


This cute mini horse looks like a fairy tale character.


A mini horse and a dog that look so similar are enjoying a walk together.


This baby mini horse is about the same size as this adult cat.


Please watch and enjoy these miniature horse videos.

This video features the challenging birth of the above mini horse and it was wonderful to see that the mini horse could endure these challenges at such a young age.

A mini horse seems to be a relatively simple pet to have in your home. If you have the time and the space, a miniature horse could be an adorable member of your family for many years!

source: boredpanda