Screaming Scooter War as a 125cc Scooter Challenges a Bunch of 1,000cc Bikes in a Race!?!


It is an unusual challenge for a 125cc Scooter to race against Honda’s CBR1000, a much more powerful motorcycle.

Please take a look at the video as you could be surprised to see the outcome making this race a popular topic online!

The Scooter has an Unbelievable Start to the Race!


And, the 125cc Scooter completes the first lap in first place! An Unbelievable Performance thus far!


Please take a look at the video below to see the rest of the race results!

See Video Here

It will be interesting to see how the 125cc Scooter performs in the corners where the much larger CBR 1000 Motorcycles may have the speed and power advantage.

I want to see a competitive race!

source: YouTube