A Russian Man Shows His Unique Ability to Twist His Neck 180 Degrees!!!


His name is Alexander and his a unique ability to twist his 180 degrees as shown in the above photo. (Please do not try to imitate this at home).

Alexander twists his neck in front of a surprises clerk at a supermarket.

The clerk throws a sausage into the air in shocked surprise!

Would you be surprized if someone did this in front of you?

Alexander has appeared on TV and is famous in Russia!

He shows his unique ability on a TV program below.


Here Alexander is wearing a business suit backwards and introduces himself to the announcer of the TV program.


See Video Here

Medical doctors who have seen Alexander twist his neck in such a strange way have commented that “The soft cervical spine of Alexander’s allows him to twist his neck in such a way”.

Please do not try to imitate Alexander at home as it would result in a fracture of the neck.

source: YouTube