See the Animated Image of either “Marilyn Monroe” or “Albert Einstein” in this Visual Cognition Challenge?!?!


Here is some fascinating research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a confounding visual image using Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) that starts out small which shows the image of the face of Marilyn Monroe which slowly transforms right before your eyes to the image of the face of Albert Einstein as it becomes larger.

Which image do you see? Here are three different sizes of the image below to aid in your visual confirmation.

Here is the Large GIF Image


Here is Medium Size GIF Image


Here is the Small GIF Image


Although my eyesight is not so good, I can clearly see the face of Einstein in the large image clearly. This visual is a good example of GIF animation technology.

Here is the GIF Animated Transition Image from Marilyn Monroe to Albert Einstein


I wonder what Marilyn Monroe would think if she saw her face change to the face of Albert Einstein? It would feel quite strange to witness this transformation from Marilyn → Einstein.

Which face did you see?