An Amazing Adaptive Chameleon Turns Out to be Two Humans in Disguise!!!


Here is a colorful chameleon lurking in the dark on the branch of a tree. What an amazing looking reptile!

However, if you look more closely, this animal is in fact two artists that have disguised themselves to look like a chameleon! The creator of this amazing art is the body painter named Johannes Stotter and this work is called “Chameleon”.

Take a closer look at the video below.

Here is the chameleon appearing to be walking slowly on the tree branch.


In fact, two performance artists in body paint emerge from the scene.

The camouflage of the body paint and the delicate movement of the artists accurately mimics the actual movement of the chameleon in nature.

It is a wonderful example of art realism and the combination of color, movement and theater is a quite remarkable creation by Johannes Stotter!

What do you think?

See Video Here

source: YouTube
source: Johannes Stötter