Amazing Office Art Created with 8,024 Post-It Papers is a Fantastic Display of Comic Book Heroes!!!


Here is bunch of sticky one sided Post-It papers in a variety of colors which is a standard stationary item in almost any office located all around the world. They are typically used to stick messages on various surfaces around an office but this artistic application has become quite a popular topic among online viewers worldwide.

Ben Brucker is an office worker who has become quite bored with bland colored walls of his office shown in the photo below.


A recent decision to move this office to another location has created a window of opportunity to apply some short-term wallpaper made from Post-It papers!

Here is Ben and another office colleague hard at work creating some unique designs with the colored Post-It papers.

Now, almost everyone in the office is helping to create and complete their new wallpaper designs!

When the task has been completed, their drab office walls has been completely transformed into a colorful gallery featuring a number of famous animated super heroes!

Their office walls has become like an American comic museum!
This dramatic before-after is amazing in the Post-It!

Here is the man Ben Brucker, the man behind the Post-It paper creations on his office walls.
7S398mfrHave you ever considered doing a makeover at your office?

What did you think of this amazing art created with Post-It papers?


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