See a Cat Reveal His True Sense of Loss over the Death of His Best Friend!!!


Here is a photo of a cat named Hootie and he was best friends with a dog named Nova. Nova recently passed away and his ashes were brought home where Hootie expressed his sense of loss of his close companion. This video was taken by the owner of this pet and the heartfelt reaction has become a major topic of discussion with many online viewers worldwide.

Here is Hootie moving closer to the box which contains the ashes of Nova the dog. He seems truly heartbroken that his friend has passed awasy.

Hootie sitting close to Nova’s ashes.

fd003313▼ Here is Hootie having a quiet moment of thought about his best friend.

A look of sadness and heartbreak from this cat is truly touching.


See Video Here

This video is heartfelt tribute as one animal shows just how much he misses his companion and close friend. I hope that Nova is happy in heaven.

source: YouTube