A Dog Playing With His Shadow is a Delightful Distraction to Observe and Enjoy!!!


The dog in this video is so cute when he first becomes aware of his own shadow! Everyone seems to be aware of their own shadow and how it is created but do you remember a time when it was a wonderful and mysterious entity when you were a young child?

This dog seems to have had this moment of discovery of his own shadow and this pet’s reactions to it are simply adorable!

Here is the dog noticing something strange in the sunlight and he keeps moving and looking around trying to understand just what it is.


The dog now seems to want to play with his new friend and jumps up and down many times while watching the reaction of his shadowy friend!

Here is the dog trying to jump on the strange shadow dog!


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It is so delightful that the dog enjoyed playing with his own shadow so much.

source: YouTube