Introducing “Rain-Work” which Transforms Pavement into a New Form of Art on Rainy Days!!!


Here is an artistic way to use water-repellent coating and creating unique designs on driveways, sidewalks and roads which has become a popular topic of discussion online with a lot of viewers worldwide. This new type of artwork is called “Rain-Work”.

The water-repellent material used in creating this “rain-work” is a super-strong coating agent called “Ultra Ever Dry” which was previously introduced in another Fundo article! To see the article please click on the web link here. A State-of-the-Art Water-Repellent Coating is More than Imagination. This new approach to art will only appear only on days when rains or when the road surface is wet as shown in the above video clip.

Here some amazing examples of the imaginative designs of “rain-work”!

This type of artistic application is unique and fashionable and I think I would like to introduce this type of art into Japan provided that the water repellant material doesn’t hurt the environment!

What do you think?

Please take a look at the video of an interview with the producer that was recorded.

See Video Here

source: boredpanda