An Unusual Quiz involving Smoking Cigarettes and Children!

A Twitter user that has a son who is in the sixth grade of elementary school posted the test handed out at school and his son’s answer below by(@menou2933)This has become a very popular post!

Here is the test..

The question on this test asked “If an adult asked you to smoke cigarettes, how would respond and reject this offer? Give Your Answer Why You Should Reject Smoking Cigarettes Here is the answer by the son of the Twitter User. Adults who smoke and who ask children to smoke are perceived as negative behaviour and should be rejected. The Teacher commented above (in red). that a specific reason should be given. A specific reason should have been given in the answer.  After this was posted on Twitter, many people commented that the child’s answer was not wrong and should be respected though people also agreed with the Teacher’s comment.  Many people felt hopeful about the “younger generation” of Japan based on the answer.  

Here is another test question about why children should reject drugs..

This posting about elementary age students about being offered drugs. Here is the student answer posted below:fd150318w002

I know Drugs are dangerous because your face looks dangerous

What a fantastic answer by a young person!
This should be common reply by anyone about cigarettes or drugs.

The above answer is interesting because the boy gave a short but clear reason on why to reject an offer of drugs by an adult just like his teacher advised in the previous question! A thoughtful reply.


source: Twitter